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Buy A Travel Bag, Change A Life With @EagleCreekGear & @PackH20

Buy A Travel Bag, Change A Life With @EagleCreekGear & @PackH20

Everyone knows I am obsessed with experiencing new places and traveling. How I travel is always the most interesting part. I hate to check a bag…like hate it…the one time I checked a bag on my way back from Kenya to Brussels I was so mad because I got stuck overnight and had no access to my clothes. I will NEVER do that again.

Eagle Creek gear is my go-to spot for their travel cubes. Travel cubes are the greatest invention that help you organize your bag and make packing a breeze! I can get everything into a small suitcase and I don’t have to check a bag. Also, it helps keep me organized on vacation.

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For World Water Month, Eagle Creek Gear is partnering with PackH20. In countries that are impoverished, women and children have to walk for miles just to get water. And guess what that means…They have to walk miles back with that water!! Can you imagine having to walk miles with water (generally on your head)? These women and children are tough for sure but PackH20 has made it helpful by making backpacks that hold the water so it’s easier to transport. For every travel pack or  luggage purchased from Eagle Creek, they will donate a water transporter packH2O backpack on your behalf.
I recently got some new Eagle Creek goodies to add for my vacation next month. I was searching for something compact but had different compartments for everything I needed. Space for chargers and items I need to get ASAP like passport, but also space for my clothes, shoes & camera. My goal is always to travel as light as possible. I got the Load Warrior™ International Carry-On.
Here are some of my favorite items from Eagle Creek: (Click on the image to see more details on their site:

Pack-It Sport™ Wet Dry Fitness Locker –  I totally recommend this for places you will be swimming. There is nothing worse than carrying around wet swimwear for it to start smelling and for it to mess up your dry clothes.

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ASAP Pack RFID – This I recommend because its super thin so you can put this in your carry-on and when you get to your location you can pop the backpack out and pack your items for the day in there. Ohhh and you can add a Hydration bladder in there so you can stay hydrated while you spend your day sightseeing. And one last thing- it has RFID so it can block people trying to steal your information with whatever devices they use now to take your credit card information. All in all, this is a great pack for traveling internationally.

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Check out more gear at and make sure you purchase before the end of the month so they can donate a water transport backpack to countries in need.