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Buffalo Exchange Is My Go-To Store

Buffalo Exchange Is My Go-To Store


Have I told you how much I love Buffalo Exchange!?!? My first ever visit to a BE was in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn in NY. I love consignment shopping and really racked up in there. I love that they organize items by size and the prices are great.

I was so excited when years ago they were planning on opening up one in Atlanta on Ponce de Leon. Not only do I purchase there, but I also sell there. My goal is to generally make money there….but sometimes I opt for in-store credit because you get a higher amount. I mean, literally if you want a new outfit, take some gently worn cool clothes there and use the credit to get another outfit. It only costs you gas money!

I had the New Edition red carpet and because my weight is up and down, I didn’t have an dress appropriate. Also, it was going to be cold in LA and most of my dresses are sleeveless.

If I need an outfit for a specific event, this is one of the stores I will hit up. I found 2 dresses that I thought were perfect- one was a burgundy velvet midi bodycon dress. It was a little too much cleavage out AND I would have to wear 3 pairs of SPANX so I decided to not go with that one.

This TopShop dress I found was perfect. In a size a wouldn’t squeeze into, I thought the material and the dark colors would be cute on the red carpet.


I love the fit and flare which works great on someone with my shape who has a larger mid-section. The skirt portion was so cute and different. It was only $25 and looked like it hadn’t been worn before.


I purchased it immediately. Whenever I buy anything from a store that sells items gently used, I immediately go online to find out the original price to make myself feel good about my purchase and saving so much money lol.

Well, I found the dress, but it was no longer available online so I don’t know how much of a deal I got..but I am going to bet this dress was originally at least $110 based on the quality and it being TopShop!


Here I was on the red carpet with my $25 purchase:


I have gotten several great items from Buffalo Exchanges all over the country and when I go to a new place, I Yelp to see if there is one near. While I was in LA last Monday I had to see if there was one near. Of course there were like a thousand of them. I decided to go to the La Brea one because it was close by.

Do you shop at Buffalo Exchange?