Bronner Brother’s Haul

So this was my first yet at Bronner Brothers. I had always seen the women around town during this time with these wild and extravagent hairstyles. I was so excited. I thought you had to be a stylist to enjoy which Im thinking maybe you do- Anyway I got into the show and was in heaven!!! I am obsessed with hair so when I walked in, it was so much fun. Women for days with their hair styled so nice. It reminded me sort of of the Essence Festival with the amount of people. Who knew it brought in this many people. So I heard about going on Sundays for the best deals. There were 2 natural companies that we have all heard of: Jane Carter and Mixed Chicks. I purchased Mixed Chicks last year when I was in LA and haven’t used it yet. (my product drawers are ridiculous!!) I wanted to talked to the owners or at least someone at the booth. I heard that their products don’t really work well on super thick hair (which is me!) so I asked about usage. The stylist told me to mix the leave in condish with some water and spray it on. I think with most products when people don’t like it-they are usually using way too much so it becomes gummy. I am really feeling the mixing with water. Alot of these products are expensive so if you mix it with water you get more bang for your buck. I just hope it still works. So here is what I purchased:

Here is what each product retails for:

Mixed Chicks Shampoo 11.99

Leave in Conditioner 16.99

Deep Conditioner 10.99

Hair Silk 11.99

Totaling: 51.96  I spent 35!! Plus I got plenty of samples which are perfect for trips


I went to Jane Carter and I have most of the set, so I decided to get Hair Nourishing Creme:

Now this is normally $22. I purchased it for 10 at the show. They had an awesome sale. Most of their products were only $5 and the more expensive products were only $10. Once I try it out and like it, Im going to be mad I didn’t purchase more.

MOst of the products at the show were for weaves. I was really excited about going to FHI to get an iron cheaper. So a spokesmodel wanted to try them in my hair so I had 2 long pieces  in the front that were straightened so I ran to the bathroom to wet it so I wouldn’t look crazy lol. So the Runway which retails for 450 was 250 at the show. And the Platform (i think was the name) normally retails for 200 and they were selling it for 99. I decided not to get it because I spent too much money.

Oh yeah, PZI jeans were there. Who knew they would fit soooo great. I have a white girls body to me. Big thighs and hips and midsection but no butt so I didn’t think they would fit right. These were the best fitting jeans EVER! They came up above my waist actually. Usually when I purchase jeans they always only come in low rise. My bf always gets on me about my crack showing lol so I am happy to find jeans that ACTUALLY fit. Check them out..

And lastly, there was this HUGE makeup sale. You know how you can buy a bunch of makeup and put your logo on it and sell it? Well it was those people and everything was super cheap. The makeup was highly pigmented so I bought a blush , 2 eyeshadows, a pigment, and a nice slanted brush. I only spent 17 dollars. That is a good hustle if someone had alot of friends. Buy a bunch of colors and design a logo and they will put it on, then you have “Lexi’s Cosmetics” lol.

It was a fun but exhausting day.