Bronner Bros This Weekend- What Are You Going To Get?

As most of you all know, the infamous Bronner Bros is this weekend in Atlanta.

I am excited! I am going to sit in on the Softsheen-Carson “Make Me A Master Stylist Mentorship Program” kickoff and I will also be attending Design Essentials’ Natural Hair Class which will teach styling techniques using their new Natural line

These are some things I need to pick up at Bronner Bros this weekend:

A Curling Wand – for the winter when I wear my hair straight every once in awhile.. It’s so funny, I want to get my hair straightened to put a bunch of curls in it! I guess I can’t stay away from curls.

Next I want some Indian or Brazilian hair for when I need a break in the winter. Not sure if I want super curly or straight or in between. I will figure that out when I go through all the hair and see who has the best deals!!! I just want to continue off and on to give my hair a break since I like weaves for a protective style.

Lashes and Brows. They tend to have a bunch of lash places where you can buy lashes and/or they can put them on you. They also have plenty of people there who will be threading eyebrows and I need that badly!!  SN- Have you ever had your face threaded?? It hurts soooo bad…it was temporary pain, but I don’t know if I could go through that again. I will stick with just my brows

And I may pick up some hair products…not sure. I have waaayyy too many already that I haven’t even tried yet so I think I may hold off on products. But definitely try to get the stuff I normally wouldn’t be able to get on discount.

What are you planning on getting?