Bronner Bro’s Recap/Hair Battle Spectacular

I got to go to Bronner Bros for a couple of hours on Saturday. I saw some crazy sights. As you know, BB hair show has the wildest hairstyles imaginable. I didn’t really  do much hair shopping, but I got some makeup and earrings….at a hair show lol. Here is an example of the types of hairstyles that were there:


I got a chance to meet the Creme of Nature crew. Thank you to all of the wonderful ladies of Creme of Nature s.  The ladies that won the opportunity from my blog to go to the event had a wonderful time and got great Swag Bags full.



So I was watching Bad Girls Club last night and saw that Oxygen has a new show called Hair Battle Spectacular.

Even though I didn’t care for the doc “Good Hair”, those contestants need to thank Chris Rock otherwise this show wouldn’t have even come about- Plus the winner wins $100,000. They took 10 stylists and they have a different challenge every week. Most of these stylists are celebrity stylist and go on tour with top stars. The first week’s challenge was to make the model’s hair look like the mixed drink they had chosen. When they present the styles, 2 stylists at a time go head to head in a Hair Battle.


Check it out on Oxygen, Tuesdays at 10pm.

Oh btw, Derek J. from Housewives of ATL is a judge on the show.