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Bronner Bros Part 3- Full Recap

Bronner Bros Part 3- Full Recap

I talked about the natural hair companies there and the stylists I met…now I’m just going to do an overall recap.

I had an amazing time at Bronner Bros as usual. I totally see while stylists come from all over the country to attend. They get to go to classes, get great products and hair tools at discounts, and compete if they wish. It’s a fun filled weekend.

It was great for me to actually get to talk to alot of these product owners or reps from brands who can actually explain their products and tools. Sure, I can go to a beauty supply store and get the same thing, BUT I can’t get a full tutorial or explanation on how something works. I could really experience something and it’s really hands on. ( I really, really want the Black Onyx H2Pro iron)

I am so excited at the huge amount of versatility at Bronner not only is it extensions, color and relaxers (Do those even exist anymore?) but it was a ton of natural hair products!

I can’t wait until February for the next show!

Check out some pics!

Let’s start off with the hairstyles:

I ran into some friends, some internet peeps and some people that read my site/watch my videos:

Black Hair Media was there! Nice to meet the crew                       A very nice reader


Another reader that I met with cool color!                              My friend Curtis working with an extensions company


A Youtuber and her friend                                                                            NaturallyKela from the side


And of course, her hair and cute outfit from the front:

 I got to meet so many people and go through each aisle and check out all of the hair companies. As most of you know,I am hair product’d out and hair weave’d out so I didn’t need to make any purchases. It’s always cool to look though. I only purchased some makeup – you know the ones where people slap their logo on it and say they developed it? lol. I got some of those products for GREAT prices. I also came home with hella samples:

Did you go to the Bronner Bros Hair Show?

Shout out to Bronner Bros for giving me a Media Pass and allowing me to feature their hair show on my site! Much appreciated!