Bre from ANTM

I did a post of Bre awhile back. I absolutely adored her hair on America’s Next Top Model. Here are some new pics of her hair. She did a big chop. This fits her head shape very well:


Bre is an ambassador to the  Drop Dead Gorgeous social justice organization, an org dealing with victims of human and child sex trafficking. She stated:

“When I cut my hair, I took a chance at living a new life by releasing the one thing that I loved and was afraid to let go of. When I speak to survivors from DDG I always make reference to how the attachment to my long hair held me captivate for years. I want them to feel encouraged to know that until they let go of their baggage they can’t free of their past. I encourage everyone tostep out and take a chance in embracing their unknown.”

This is great that doing a big chop has been liberating to her, even though for more serious reasons than alot of us. I remember Sally Richardson doing something similar. She had very long hair…remember her in Posse and A Low Down Dirty Shame.

She stated that people always associated her with her long hair , so she cut it off.  She was more than her hair. Interesting. But I can imagine being in Hollywood, you have an unwritten rule that you should probably have long hair as a black woman to be successful. Even in music, they made Rihanna have long hair when she first came out…after she got clout with her record label, she was able to do her own thing and rock her cute short cut.

What do you think? Does Hollywood’s pressure to have long hair actually feed into us “normal” people’s hair routines or hair dreams?