Braided Updo by Ninether Salon in ATL

I got my hair done on Tuesday. I very rarely get a natural all know how I do–I pretty much wear my hair loose all the time. The reason why is because alot of natural hair salons cost soooo much money!! Especially when they see how long my hair is :sigh: …When I walk into salons, people’s mouths drop and they practically run away lol. It’s not just long but its very thick and always tangled.

Hanifya of Ninether Salon did my hair. She was such a pleasure. We laughed, talked, and watched Basketball Wives all while she was twisting my hair. She worked pretty fast on my hair. I showed her a style of something similar to what I was looking for and I told her to do anything. I’m pretty easy when it comes to styles- I let the expert decide.

She cornrowed the sides and the back with a very cool design. She left the front out and did two strand twists. It didn’t even hurt. Usually I am practically crying since I am VERY tenderheaded but she definitely was gentle and the braids look flawless. Check out the back:


At the salon, she did this cool, knot thingy and it was so pretty. She even taught me how to do it so I can recreate it when I get home 🙂 You can do it loose or tight.

Sooo, Ninether offers GREAT deals. They are located in the West End area of ATL on Cascade (not too far from The Beautiful – ATL folks know about The Beautiful). They offer great specials and don’t charge crazy amounts like alot of salons.

This style should last me about 3-4 weeks. I will definitely make sure I do not go to sleep without scarves and bonnets hehe.

I will be posting different looks that I can do for the front of my hair. Eventually I will take the twists out  on the top and do a Janelle Monae bouffant or some other styles in the front. I can’t wait to experience. Best of all, I don’t have to do my hair for at least 3 weeks!!!!! 🙂 🙂  🙂

Check out Hanifya at Ninether Salon

An organic hair salon specializing in extension locks, press and curls, corn rows, twists, sew-ins, extension braids, and all other nubian styles.