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Box Braids & Shaved Sides

Box Braids & Shaved Sides

I am finally back from Ghana. I hope you all had a nice holiday!  I had a great time in Accra and please look out for posts later on this week.

I always contemplate getting my hair braided or getting extensions for vacation to make things “easier”. I debating getting braids when I first arrived to Ghana but originally went against that plan because I remember how much getting my faux locs in Kenya altered my entire trip- my head hurt entirely too much, I couldn’t move my neck because it hurt too much, they were too stiff to put away. Needless to say, I decided against the potential pain of African braiding as they are known to braid quite tight (unless you ask the not to).

My hair wasn’t “behaving” on this trip so the 2nd to the last day I figured I would get some braids for at least a month and for a fraction of the cost 🙂  I headed down the street looking for a salon who could do my braids for a good price. My braids cost me $14 and another $4 for the hair



I decided to get them bigger (1) because I didn’t want to be there all day and (2) I figured they would hurt less. Surprisingly, my head didn’t hurt AT ALL! This is the first time my head didn’t hurt during and after getting braids done. I was surprised completely. It did take longer than expected because it was only about 30 mins where there was an additional person helping out :/

Here are the results:

box braids shaved sides blonde braids lexiwiththecurls box braids shaved sides blonde braids lexiwiththecurls