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Box Braids Are Back! + FAQs About them

I absolutely love my braids! If you follow me on Instagram, then you will see all of my many (well, I guess not so many) braid styles. Mostly put them in a high bun. I think it looks so cool and different though. I either put the bun towards the back or towards the front. I also just wear them out and put to one side of my head.  Here are some questions I have been getting:

How do I like my braids so far? 

I love them!  My head doesn’t hurt, no little bumps for anything being tight, they are perfect! This might be my go-to style.

Are they heavy?

At first the braids were heavy. After a couple of days, not at all. I was able to put them up without an issue. I will say that if I put them up in a ponytail and it isn’t a high ponytial, it pulls the braids on the edges in the front because the weight goes to the back. When it is on the top, the weight doesn’t pull any particular sides of braids.

How will I maintain them?

Well, as with all braids, your hair starts to get frizzy. I plan to use a dry shampoo to wash my scalp and then maybe use some hairspray or something, spray it and then run my hands to smooth down the hair that is frizzy. I am not sure if this will work, but I kinda remember doing something similar back in the day. They are holding up really well. I believe I am on week 3!

What do you do at night?

At night, I have an X-L satin bonnet I put all of my braids under. I don’t put it in a ponytail or anything first because I don’t want it to be all bulky in one area while I am trying to sleep. This stays on all night and is perfect for my hair 🙂

How long am I going to keep them in?

Probably 5 weeks total. This is a great protective style. I can see myself either getting the edges and front redone, or getting them redone again later on in the summer. I totally love having braids. It brings me back to my childhood…except they weren’t this long. My mom would never let me get them long.


Are you feeling the resurgence of box braids?