Bob Life With ghd


I am loving the bob life with my straight hair. I straightened my hair with ghd a week ago and my hair is still flowing. I was actually very surprised that my hair did so well and it stayed straight. Check out my initial post here.

I haven’t had to touch up my hair once which is great. I am realizing more and more than I don’t have the patience for doing alot of work with my hair. Straightening my hair didn’t take long at all. It’s great that I don’t even have to do touch ups.

Friday, I went to a Yo Gotti concert celebrating his new album. Unfortunately, there was foam flying everywhere the entire time to look like snow…it was no bueno for straightened natural hair. I had to cover my hair most of the night lol.


All in all, it’s been over 7 days and my hair is still straight. I comb my hair to the back and put on a silk scarf. On top of the scarf, I put on a bonnet. I need the double protection for my hair.


The back and sides of my hair are in an in-between stage so it’s too short for me to straighten and I’m not into the slick down look. Actually, it worked out well because my hair is long enough to cover the back and sides. I am actually thinking about cutting it a little again. I would like to still be able to go in between curly hair and straight hair so I need a good length that works for both— I don’t want my curly styles to fall in my face.


I am very happy with the ghd Platinum iron! 


curly comments!

  • Tonie

    I was shocked at how long my hair stayed straight as well when I flat ironed it. Then, I realized it’s probably damaged from the blonde dye and it took the heat really well because of the bleach damage. It felt so thin and flimsy when I’m reality i have a lot of hair. This made me decide to never dye my hair blonde again. It’s just too damaging you don’t notice until it’s too late.