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Blonde & Straight + Dominican Blowout Review

Blonde & Straight + Dominican Blowout Review

Okay…so I haven’t been to a Dominican salon in ages. It’s probably been about 6 years since I have gotten a Dominican blowout. I used to love the way it made my hair look BUT I hated the way it made my scalp feel. The fire of hell placed on my scalp is not a good feeling. But it does come up super bouncy. Not to mention the potential damage to your hair if your hair has burned from the heat :/

I was in Harlem and needed to get my hair blown out for a photoshoot to make life easier. Instead of doing it myself, I decided to go to a Dominican salon to get them to blow it out for cheap. Because I was under a time constraint, I opted to not do the rollers and just have them blow it out after the wash and deep condition. (I use Dominican conditioners at home and swear by them) I just wanted it blown out, but not super straight, just enough for the hairstylist at the shoot to style it. Of course with the language barrier and my odd request, that didn’t really happen.I ended up with bone straight hair with the blow dryer.

From there, I headed to the shoot and Seto McCoy styled my hair! (Can’t wait to share the images) IMG_5609


This was at the end of my shoot after I took my hair done!IMG_5615


I can’t wait to share how my hair was styled and the images from the shoot! Will post more soon!