#BlackBeautyParty Recap With In Paris

I was so honored that hosted a beauty event in my honor in Paris, France a couple of weeks ago πŸ™‚ I was able to meet so many wonderful ladies at the event- from Bloggers to media to ladies who won a contest on BlackBeautyBag’s facebook page.

The event was held at ColoriiΒ at Forum Des Halles! This store is owned by a Black women and she has several locations. She has a beautiful store! They sell so many amazing products (will do a full post on the boutique). They sell hair and beauty products for women of color

Most of the ladies spoke English very well so it was pretty easy for us to converse. I, on the other hand, don’t speak French well. I have never taken or spoken French in my life. I definitely did try my hardest to learn basic phrases and some of the customs and I think I did okay!

Their hair was absolutely gorgeous, from wash and gos, to cornrows, to updos, to box braids…there was a little of every hair style in there!

I had great conversations with the ladies! Even though we are in different countries, we have the same natural hair struggles! The same issues with how others perceive our hair etc…for some reason I would have thought natural hair would’ve been more accepted in Paris, but I see that we are kinda in the same boat.

It was so cool being able to talk to all of the Parisian bloggers- from style bloggers to hair vloggers, to beauty and lifestyle bloggers, they were there! I wish in the US we were more cohesive like that. We kind of separate based on blog type- generally the hair bloggers stick together, fashion stick together, beauty stick together, etc… But in Paris, I was happy to see all different types of bloggers hanging together!

I can’t wait to visit Paris again!!! I needed more time there!

My homie Cecilyn came with me and she took all of these awesome pictures!

Check them out:


Special thank you to Fatou for hosting the event and to all of the bloggers and attendees! (I will do a post with everyone’s blogs so you can check them out )