Black Opal True Color Lipstick Review

I got a chance to play around with some cool Black Opal colors. I used to used Black Opal back in the day, but once I got turned on to Mac in high school and then Bobbi Brown and Make Up For Ever over the past 5 years, I totally have neglected my drug store brands. I don’t know why either because to be honest, alot of times you can get just as great quality as you can from a high end brand.

I picked out 3 shades I thought would be very fun and flirty and some that are pretty daring! Typically people tend to stay in the neutral or pinky shades so I decided to step out out my box. I checked out Fantasia Plum, Heatwave, & Tropica!

Firstly, they feel AMAZING!!! They are very creamy and it seems to stay on a long time. I have only worn them at night because the colors are so bold, but it definitely lasted all night while I was out.

As far as going with my complexion, I really did like the Fantasia Plum. I will have to get a nice lip liner to go with it. It is dark, but I thought it looked really nice on and works for the winter.  (This color is actually darker than the picture- the lighting made it appear lighter)

Heat Wave was cool too. I like reds but sometimes I feel like Red is too bold of a color for me. But I do love reds on most people.

Tropica, I LOVE orange, but this is highly pigmented so I will put on a thin amount next time. Orange is a cool color and I love the way Solange rocks it. Even though a little bold for me, I can definitely tone it down a tad.

The good thing about these colors is they are all very pigmented and you can choose the amount of intense color you want. You can  do a light layer or you can put it on and then take some tissue and blot once or twice to create the desired shade you are looking for. I did that for all of them because I wanted to see the various intensity that the colors could get. Definitely great range!

Two thumbs up for Black Opal’s lipsticks.  Check out all of the colors they offer at

Have you tried Black Opal’s lipsticks?