Black Iconic TV & Film Clutches, Prints & More From KASHMIIR.VIII

Black Iconic TV & Film Clutches, Prints & More From KASHMIIR.VIII

I have been wanting one of Kashmiir VIII clutches for awhile and I get so distracted when I am about to purchase! lol I am OBSESSED with 90’s Black TV shows and Black films….you can catch me watching “Juice” or “Do The Right Thing” when it comes on TV (plus of course I have the DVDs lol). I am also obsessed with shows like “A Different World” that made it not even an option for me to not to go to an HBCU (Historically Black College/University).  I was a mix of Whitley & Freddie (sounds weird, right?!)

Fast forward to last week and the designer came to our office to showcase her items and we definitely had to buy them up!!


I hadn’t checked her instagram in awhile so I had no idea that they had “Do The Right Thing” AND “Juice” items now!!! “Do The Right Thing” was one of my first favorite movies watching the VHS tape over and over and whenever I scroll through cable and see it on, I HAVE to watch it. These are some of the great Black films of the 90’s and these films also launched a ton of stars from Tupac to Samuel L. Jackson.  I HAD to get something from the film so for the clutches, she had a Mookie available and a Radio Raheem. I decided to do the Radio Raheem.


In addition, I am a House Party superfan! (House Party 2 is my favorite one though) The first film was SO iconic that I had to get the clutch. Tisha Campbell was in the office that day so it was perfect that I take a picture with “Sydney” from House Party!


Ugghh I wish I had this when I met Kid last Summer at Essence. I am obsessed with anything 90’s.


In addition, she has clutches for other iconic shows and films such as Coming To AmericaGirlfriends, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and much more.

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She also sells coasters, shirts, skirts, prints, home decor etc… so check her out at