My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Wishlist

Black Friday I feel is the perfect time to get items for others and save some money. Why not get those items you have been wanting all year at a discount for yourself?? Here is my holiday wishlist.


Okay recently I have been into sneakers. I am unsure why it took me 32 years to care about sneakers…after all, I HATE to wear heels. I realized that I care waayy more about comfort than “being cute in heels”. I am trying to figure out how to master the “cute with sneakers” look. I picked up a pair of cute Nike Huaraches and now I want them in every color. I have my eye on these found at in color Phantom/White/Light Iron Ore.



Beats® Powerbeats2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones . Originally $199. has them for $89. It’s a Black Friday sale, but they are giving us early access! I want these for working out. They don’t fall out your ear and there are no wires to get in the way when you are on the treadmill or lifting. In order for me to get into high gear with my workouts, I need some good music flowing.


I used to have the old school FitBit that clipped on to my clothes but it was REALLY hard to keep up with. I would take off my workout clothes and forget it was on them. Needless to say, I have no idea where that thing is lol. I have been eyeing the Apple Watch but then thought I didn’t want to spend so much when I’m sure the next ones will have cameras for you to facetime. So instead of spending big bucks on those, I figured I would research the Fitbit Alta.

It is super cute and also connects with your phone so you can see who is calling and keep up with your steps. It even alerts you when you’ve been sitting too long. I definitely need a reminder lol.

I love QVC because you don’t have to pay for your items all once if you are lucky.  You can do 5 payments of $25 (and I have a feeling it will be even cheaper over the weekend).



Home Decor

I am making some changes to my home and want it to mimic my lifestyle more. I am working remotely now from home so now that I am here all day, I need it to feel like me. I am spending this time getting items for the house ON SALE. I have been relying on Urban Outfitters and Amazon to get me together. UO has an Apartment section with super cute items for the boho chic home.

Both sites really have items that are me with bold prints & geometric shapes  to make me feel good when I walk into the living room.


Tapestry from


Pyramid Mirror on sale at



curly comments!