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Black Brand To Follow: Megan Fullerton

Black Brand To Follow: Megan Fullerton

I wanted to feature black businesses for the next couple of weeks. I support all businesses, but I really love to buy from women of color when I can.

I met someone at an event in Atlanta and she had on this fly jumpsuit that had a level of sexiness I love. I rarely ask women where they got an outfit from but I had to put the info in my phone

I found out the designer was Megan Fullerton and she is based in Fayetteville, GA near me.

I headed to her boutique and couldn’t wait to try on everything! Megan started her luxury line in 2017 and loves tailored pieces including blazers and dress pants as well as fun contemporary pieces like bombers and joggers. I loved the balance of her fashions.

Her boutique is by appointment so she can focus on each client and their fashion needs. When I arrived, another client was wrapping up.

Megan was super sweet and I got to know a little more about her background in fashion and what her brands mission is.

I literally loved everything out of her collection – literally ! The quality was great and I loved the silhouettes of all of her designs.

Check out some of my faves:

I bought the jumpsuit (below) and a dress (the black one on the right abovr ). Since my initial visit , I have purchased the bombet and jogger set and a skirt.

This is literally my favorite go-to outfit anytime I have somewhere fun and dressy to go.

Check out Megan Fullerton online.