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Birthday Hair- Flexirod Roller Set Remix – Updo

For my birthday, I was working with a 5 day old rod set so at that point, it was very frizzy etc (since I didn’t let it dry completely). I was pressed for time so thought I would do a updo. I pulled out the bobby pins and the Jam Custard Flexible Hold Cream Gel.

I took a small scoop of the gel and put the product in the back of my hair running my hands in a upward motion. I took my brush (I stole my boyfriends) and brushed it gently up to distribute the product and to make the hair lay down.

When I got to a good point, I placed bobby pins horizontally. I brushed and then pinned over and over making sure to overlap so that way the hair is consistently laid down.

When I got to the front, I decided I wanted to leave about 3 inches in the front. I then strategically placed the curls in the front and decided to pin it up. I didn’t want it hanging in my face. I took a bobby pin and secured the hair up.

And voila!

Here you can get a good look at the step by step:

Here are some other pics from my birthday:

My friend Heather and I! It was her birthday the day before mine so we celebrated together!

Of course, my boo was there to celebrate with me!

I had a great time! Thanks to everyone who came out to join me for my birthday at Frank Skis!

How do you like my old flexi rod updo?