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BirchBox Man Unveil & Review

BirchBox Man Unveil & Review

So I had totally heard they had a BirchBox Man but didn’t really pay attention to it because my guy is kinda low maintenance..or so I thought. There has been many times where I go for my favorite expensive body wash or my expensive skincream to find my boyfriend has used it up! Arrgggg!!!

So when BirchBox reached out and told me they had BirchBox for men, I was like Yes, He doesn’t have to take my stuff anymore. Oh yes! There has been several times where some things in my BirchBox go missing. (Of course not the makeup or perfume, but if it’s lotion or bath products- he’s grabbing it while I’m not looking.

So last week comes and I get a phone call, “Babe? Have I told you how awesome you are?” So clearly I’m thinking, What did you break? What did you do? lol.  And he says, “I just got the coolest watch in my BirchBox

So let’s check out what was in his box:

rumbaTime vanDamn Go watch  You can actually make payments with this watch and link it to your bank account. You can literally wave your watch at the POS and it will deduct from your account. You can also store your emergency contacts and health information. Probably great for someone who has allergies or anything. And don’t worry about your watch falling off or your losing it. The band is similar to a rubber band so it’s not going anywhere unless you take it off.

Kerastase Homme Capital Force Shampoo   This smells very masculine and my boyfriend liked it. (No more girly scented shampoo for him)

Anthony Logistics For Men- Glycolic Facial Cleanser  This is a creamy cleanser which he likes. I’m like that too. I prefer creams over gels- it’s more moisturizing. I’m so happy he has this so he will stop using body soap on his face which dries out his skin.

John Varvatos Star – This cologne smells really good. He likes it and has been wearing it the past couple of days. I approve!

BirchBox Man is $20/month which is more than the women’s version, but as you can see- it is totally worth it. It looks like the guys get a good variety of items too and not just bodycare items.

We give them 2 thumbs up!

Will you be getting this for your man? Do you have a problem with your man taking/using your products when he runs out?

*Disclosure: This was sent to my bf in hopes of him reviewing it in an honest manner. No other form of compensation was provided.