Big Chop Season

It is that time of the year: Big Chop Season. This is the time where it is getting so hot that ladies are getting tired of the in between process of transitioning. They can’t keep their new growth straight, and their braid outs/twist outs aren’t looking too hot because the roots are swelling and the relaxed portion has no frizz. Transitioning is tough! I tried to go through it. It didn’t last me too long….The summertime will definitely get you.

This is the time of the year where alot of people try to wait until after the summer to cut their hair, but it is really difficult. To me personally, it is sooo much easier being natural in the summertime. The Wash & Go’s make it very simple to just rinse your hair and go….ride with the windows down , and your hair is dry by the time you get to your destination.

If you decide to do your Big Chop–no need to spend a ton of money. Get your friends together and you can do it at home. I did my friend’s Big Chop (not saying I did a great job at cutting since I was super nervous lol) . You can do the basic cut and then you can get your hair shaped for a small price at a local salon. Have fun with it.

If you decide to continue to transition over the summertime, Good luck! Not saying it can’t be done, but it can be very challenging. Work with your hair and not agains’t it. It will be very difficult in the summer heat and humidity (depending on where you are) to wear your hair straight to blend in with your relaxed ends…Try braid outs and twist outs or even braids or twists. It will make your life easier. I get most of my “transitioning questions” during the summertime because people find this a difficult time.

Happy Big-Chopping or Transitioning!