Beyonce Rocks Blonde Box Braids + New Blue Ivy Pic

Beyonce took a page from Solange’s hair book and rocked blonde box braids at Nas’ “Life Is Good” Dinner. Does this mean every girl will start getting box braids? If naysayers didn’t think Solange brought them back…for sure Beyonce will be causing even more ladies to head to their beauty supply store to buy their braiding hair.

She didn’t pose for any pics, but here are some pics I saw on earlier today

I can’t wait until she poses for pics and paparazzi have some dope pics of her braids! I can’t wait to see them. This makes me miss my box braids. They were BEYOND convenient and a great break.

Solange is back to her braids as well…

Don’t you just love the retro hair revolution?

UPDATE: Blue Ivy pic with Beyonce rocking a high bun with her box braids + Blue Ivy

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