BET’s New Edition Story Los Angeles Premiere Recap

BET’s New Edition Story Los Angeles Premiere Recap


Last weekend I headed to (normally sunny) Los Angeles with Ford to the LA screening of BET’s New Edition Story. I was super excited to see this as I am a New Edition fan, a BBD fan , and a fan of them as individuals. I didn’t know much about the behind the scenes drama they had and I couldn’t wait to see it.

I did Facebook Live interviews with the cast and producers for (where I work in digital marketing). I had a blast!!!


I wasn’t having a great hair day AT ALL. It sucks when you are out of town and your hair isn’t looking right…you are kind of limited. lol.  But…I got to interview BBD so it was alllll good! lol


The day before, New Edition received a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was waayyyy too crowded so I couldn’t see. I found out they were having a day party afterwards so I headed over there.

Jon B. serenaded the crowd which was a total treat. His voice is still amazing. I had to snap a pic with him. (there was a glare, but whatever!! lol )


New Edition arrived and took pics (sans Ralph Tresvant)


The after party was lit. Great food- lil mac & cheese in cupcake holder. The members of NE and the cast of the movie were all out having fun!

There were several other people in attendance, like French Montana!


I swear these new photo booths are getting so cool!  As you could see, we didn’t really know what was going on lol. It was fun