Best Hair Looks of 2012- Celebrity Edition

Best Hair Looks of 2012- Celebrity Edition

Wow!! How can I sum up all the best looks of 2012?! There were sooo many! I mean honestly, I can just pull 5 looks of Solange that I loved lol. I think I can try to narrow it down to 5 different celebs though. Let’s take a look at my favorite looks of 2012!


Can’t have a “Best Look Of…” Anything without having Rihanna in there! She is a style and hair chameleon. One day she has hair down her back, the next day Red, and the next, a short crop that looks absolutely stunning on her! This is a beautiful, classy hair cut that almost made me want to pull out my scissors…

I had the absolute privilege to work with Motions Global Style Ambassador Ursula Stephen who happens to be Rihanna’s personal stylist. Here’s how you can recreate this look at home:

  1. Start with a layered pixie cut
  2. Use a flat iron to slightly bend sections of hair
  3. Use a rattail comb to slight comb the hair in different directions
  4. Once you have a great look, spray Motions Light Hold Working Spritz on hair to hold the style.


Another celeb you can’t have a “Best of..” and not include her. Her bangs give me so much life and I absolutely love them. I normally try to channel my inner Beyonce and I have been rocking blonde hair forever…but Blonde, straight with bangs might have to be my next hair move! What do you think?   Oh, and her new “gangsta” image with the grill.. I love it!!


My friend in my head…Solange! I totally appreciate a hair chameleon and Solange is definitely the President of the Hair Chameleon Club. She rocks so many looks and thats why I love her style! She is unafraid of what people think about her and she tries all hair styles. Buuttt, I think my favorite would be her box braids. They were my inspiration for my European vacation this summer. It was sooo easy, sooo cute, and I got a ton of compliments…in all languages!

Viola Davis

Viola Davis came out with a bang this year! She made me want to do a big chop again. I very much so admire Viola Davis for wearing her hair natural at the Oscars. She showed off her TWA with a nice brown shade. It looked great on her and the entire world was buzzing about it…in a good way.

Last, but not least, I would have to say:

Tamera Mowry-Housley

Have you been watching Tia & Tamera? If not, you should!! Tamera has the cutest braided styles I love so much. She does braided styles with updos, a braid in the front with her hair down, and the always cute braided crown. I love adding braids to hair.

(looking for pic)

Well, this tops off my list. What about yours?


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