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Beautiful Textures TMS System- Wash 2 Results

Beautiful Textures TMS System- Wash 2 Results

I know alot of people were concerned when I first shared pics of Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System so I decided to give it a try and test it out!

I got the system applied to my hair a month ago. Since I had a week in 3 weeks out of that month, my hair had only been washed one week in and I showed the results in my previous post HERE. The extensions are out and it was time for Wash #2!

(Note: Since I had extensions in for 3 weeks, my hair underneath had not been shampooed. I washed my extensions, but you can’t really wash your braids underneath but you can cleanse your scalp! So therefore, even though its been 4 weeks, this is my 2nd wash)

Here is my wet hair after washing with a sulfate free shampoo:

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

As you can see, the area where my hair is blonde, the system pretty much made it almost straight. (Mental note for me: If I do it again, leave it on the blonde part less time than where the darker colors are.)

Here is my hair dry from a basic wash & go with minimal product on.


The curls are still there, just looser. In the front area, it’s almost straight with a slight bend.IMG_0033


All in all, I am pleased that detangling is a breeze…when I say breeze, it’s so crazy how easy it is to detangle now!! Also, my hair is definitely softer. Super obviously softer. There is definitely a difference in the feel and texture.

I expect my hair to show signs of reversion after about 5 more washes. Remember, they say the system lasts 4-6 weeks, but since I haven’t been washing my hair really in the past 4 weeks, it will last longer on me. So I would assume after 5 or so more washes it would start to revert since typically 4-6 weeks I would say is generally 6-7 washes.

Will keep you all posted.