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Beautiful Textures TMS Straightening Recap! First Day

Beautiful Textures TMS Straightening Recap! First Day

Soooo as mentioned, last night I headed over to the salon for a Beautiful Textures day where they would be applying their new system, Texture Manageability System. (Find out the deets in my previous post HERE).

Yesterday, Sheletra put the products in step by step (It is definitely something you can do at home very easily). Because my hair is fine and I have my hair lightened so much, she said she wouldn’t leave the product in long. If you have coarser hair and no color, you can leave it on the full time. The instructions will tell you the time based on your hair type.

After blowing it out and straightening it, my hair was full of shine and bounce! I love it!  (Sidenote: You don’t HAVE to straighten your hair with the system. You can just use the system to elongate your curls. Check out Jessica from’s results HERE)

So this is what I am supposed to expect for the next 6 weeks:

  •  More defined curls
  • Easier to detangle
  • Hair will stay frizz free
  • Straightened hair will last longer
  • Hair will revert back to your normal texture in 6 weeks

Also, I have to do my part to achieve the above. In the kit, they give you a shampoo and conditioner to help maintain it. Once you don’t have that shampoo/condish anymore, you can use any type of pearlized or creamy shampoo to maintain. If you use a clarifying shampoo, your hair will revert completely back to normal texture. Some people may want their normal texture back sooner, so if you do, then you can use a clarifying shampoo.

I am excited to document this journey and let you know my thoughts.