Bargain Hunting! Haul- AJ Wright

I am the biggest Bargain Hunter I know. Ever since my bf changed up my spending habits by suggesting Marshalls and TJ Maxx instead of Nordstrom or French Connection. I used to always want to spend on clothes. I had the totally wrong idea. Why spend full price on what you can get on sale somewhere else. You know, when you are younger you brag about how much something cost…when you are an adult, you brag about how little you paid for it. Random Girl: ” I love your dress” ..Me: “Thank you! I got it for $5!!” .

So for example, I saw these American Apparel leggings I wanted. Their leggings start at $32. OMG I couldn’t imagine spending $32 for some leggings that I wear UNDERNEATH something. Of course I wasn’t going to purchase but I loved the print. (They have awesome prints)…Anyway fast forward and I go on Rue La La or HauteLook (don’t remember which one) and they had MY leggings there on sale for $20. Still above my price range but I had some points and could get them for free. I pondered and wondered if I should spend the 20 on that, or wait until its something more expensive to put 20 on. Well , I came back hours later and all the Larges were gone. It wasn’t meant to be at the moment so I said “Oh Well”.

Fast forward a week or 2..Christmas time.  I head to AJ Wright. Now I love Ross, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls (in that order too) but I thought of AJ Wright as more of an urban store. With all the Baby Phat and Coogi…it wasn’t for me. ( To be fair, depending on what side of town you are , the types of clothes and whats in the window changes) So I went in there looking for a gift for someone else and low and behold…the leggings I wanted!!!! I thought of they must be knock off American Apparel since I didn’t think they would have AA stuff there. The leggings were in the wrong place OF COURSE, so I run and find the legging section and dig and dig and dig and ….no Large….until (in the wrong size section) Ta Dah!! I found them 🙂 I got them for $5.99….a big jump from 35…and then 20! I even found another pair of AA leggings that were cute.

I have learned to be VERY patient when it comes to purchases. The item WILL be on sale. It may be months later and they may be out of your size, but its worth the risk.

Now I will definitely be stopping by AJ Wright to dig in their racks.

lol Maybe they were there because the print doesn’t line up!! lol But it doesn’t matter because I would have a shirt to cover my butt.

Their leggings fit great by the way. I am always scared to get Larges because they tend to not fit as well as Xl’s but these stretch sooo much and these particular leggings are high waisted which is even better for me.

Thanks AJ Wright!!! I thought I would never have those leggings.