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Barbados Wrap Up- The Beauty Of The Island

Barbados Wrap Up- The Beauty Of The Island

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After turning up in Trinidad, we decided to head to Barbados for some relaxation! Myself, Christina from LoveBrownSugar, Danielle from & Jessica from met up to the beautiful island.   I had never been to Rihanna’s country, but was super excited to see the island. I really had no idea what to expect but I heard the country was pretty quiet.

Quiet and relaxing it definitely was!! When we arrived at the beautiful airport, it was super calm and everyone was super nice there! Immediately while the taxi was driving us to our condo, I questioned “Why is it so quiet?” lol. If I was in Trinidad or Jamaica, music would’ve been blasting from every car (which I don’t necessarily mind), but it was definitely different.

We arrived to our condo called Heavenly Hideaway, and the name was super appropriate!! We could open the doors and hear and see the waves crashing in the ocean! What a beautiful sight!

Here is our balcony!

photo 2 While Barbados is definitely not an all-inclusive resort type of place, after doing much research, we thought it was best to go the condo route! It was definitely the best bang for our buck and we had tons of space!!

Heavenly Hideaway had 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, an amazing view, a pool and a private beach. Even other amenities like a full kitchen, washer & dryer, blow dryer, towels, etc… Let’s not forget the highlight, the AMAZING staff! They couldn’t have been better! They cared so much for our safety and I was pretty much blown away at how nice everyone was. We always told them where we were going and they always gave us tips on where to go, where to walk, and they even found taxis for us with only trusted drivers that they know! They get an A++ for being so friendly and genuinely caring about our safety!

We decided to do a couple of tours in Barbados! Youtuber MissCharmsie gave me all the scoop about her home country so I was excited to swim with the sea turtles. We rode on a boat to go out to the middle of the ocean to check out ship wrecks and beautiful fish! We did this tour with Seascape and the staff was amazing! The guys that took us out were a blast and they played soca and reggae so we pretty much had fun dancing and drinking Rum Punch on our journey.IMG_0231

Firstly, I have snorkled in several Caribbean countries and have never seen SOOOO many beautiful fish like the ones in the ocean in Barbados. Like literally I was overwhelmed at the amount of fish I saw! All types of fish, big, small, colorful!! Check out this cool pic of us!

barbados snorkeling with sea turtles

We even got to see Sea Turtles that we followed and chased around lol! It was pretty funny the personalities of the sea turtles.

On Friday, we had an amazing tour of the island courtesy of The Barbados Tourism Board! WOW! This tour was breathtaking with amazing views, historical sites, and great information about this beautiful country!

We went up and down the coast and on the countryside! Check out some of what we caught:

IMG_0248 IMG_0252 IMG_0254 IMG_0256 IMG_0260 IMG_0262 IMG_0263 IMG_0272

If you are looking for relaxation on the beach, I totally recommend going to Barbados! It  is a peaceful island where you don’t have to worry about the chaos of wild tourists. Even though I do love a good party in the Caribbean, it was cool to have a real relaxing vacation. Until the next time we meet Barbados!!

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