Bantu Knots On Dry Hair – ONYC Fro Out

I have to say, this ONYC Fro-Out is one of the best extensions I have ever had. It is sooo natural looking even when I think I am having a bad hair day. That’s how natural it looks. After I have been working out and sweating and my roots have kinked up, it still looks amazing because it looks like my natural hair blown out. It is a PERFECT match!

Most people don’t even believe it’s not my hair. I could go on and on!!

I wanted to try something different so I did a bantu knot out on dry hair. I washed my hair and blew it out with my Red by Kiss Handle-less Hair Dryer (My favorite new dryer these past 4 months or so). I decided to use ORS Curls Unleashed Set It Off Curl Boosting Jelly & Take Command Curl Defining Creme. I used equal parts of both and put it through the hair.

bantu knot out

lol that I look over my glasses!

bantu knot out

After I took it out and separated it, it looked like this:

DSC_0361 DSC_0372 DSC_0374 DSC_0383

I love this and it was very easy to do! I am having fun experimenting with the Fro-Out. For more details on the Fro-Out or other hair they offer, check out


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