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Bag, Borrow, Or Steal!! My Review

Bag, Borrow, Or Steal!! My Review


Okay so I am always looking at luxury handbags but I don’t want the high priced tag that goes with it. I only have two luxury designer bags that I paid for full priced…and the rest…consigned!! Why not get a gently used bag for a fraction of the cost?!?

Here comes Bag, Borrow Or Steal! I have been a fan of theirs for years. The concept is genius. I can borrow a bag for a special event for a small price in comparison to how much it costs. I can keep it for the whole month too and get some good use out of it and then the next month…on to another bag!

I recently received a Chloe ‘Emma’ to borrow from them and I absolutely loved it. I got a chance to check it out for the month and wear it to different events and just normal use. The great thing about BBOS is that you can purchase gently-used (and some brand new) bags!

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Okay! Bentley definitely needs a hair cut!! lol

I loved this bag so much and it was so hard to let it part! But the good thing is, I can always rent it again. I can also rent tons of other luxury brands or even purchase a pre-loved bag for a fraction of the total price. I am currently eyeing a Chanel bag…but I would NEVER pay full price. I will be getting a gently used one so I will be keeping a lookout for one that I want on

This bag was sent to me to borrow from Bag, Borrow, Or Steal