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Back To Weave Free

So After almost 2 months, I am back with my hair out. My scalp has never felt sooooo good!! lol I cleansed my scalp when I was wearing the weave but…there is something about actually being able to scratch and massage my scalp! My hair feels so good. I took it out and had no issues with breakage or anything. She braided the hair perfectly so I didn’t have any little bumps or anything from pulling too hard.

I took care of my hair underneath because I wanted to make sure that was straight first and foremost!

It took me a little while to take out so after I took all the braids out this is my hair with the straight part still in front:

And here it is when I washed it!

Last night, after I washed it I left conditioner on it and just combed it through. This morning I fluffed my hair and headed out:

I’m baaacckkkkkk!! I was going to do another weave before my trip to Europe so I don’t have to worry about it too much..but..I will make it work. I just don’t want to have to bring tons of products and spend alot of time doing my hair. I think it will work out just fine though!!

I am so happy that I actually left the hair in for more than a month. Usually I am a 3 or 4 week girl! I actually kept it in quite a long time for me 🙂