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  I would like to share my transition to natural story with you all. Maybe it will inspire some.

When I was growing up, I was obsessed with curly hair. I tried every product in the book to try to achieve curls on my relaxed BSL hair.  I would look at every curl activator, not realizing “There are no curls to activate” lol. I was in the 8th grade so I didn’t know any better. I noticed my new growth had a curl-like pattern so I figured, “Hey, Why don’t I grow my hair out?”. I transitioned for many months refusing to go to the salon and get a touch up. My mother was furious. I will admit, I looked a hot mess. I didn’t know what to do with the two textures.  So I had about 5 inches of new growth which was very puffy and straight ends down my back. I would try to use hot combs but wasn’t quite successful. I got teased of course and everyone questioned what I was doing…so I gave in L. Back to relaxers…

Fast forward to college at Clark Atlanta University. Since I didn’t want to spend money on relaxers (and mom back at home not harassing me), this was the perfect time for me to transition again.  I was planning on a long transition, but it ended up being cut short. I was apart of a dance team that required long, straight hair and for us to be in unison. I had kinky twist in as a great transitioning style. I took out the twist, went down to the Hair Cuttery and did my BC (Big Chop). I got all of my relaxed hair cut off. It was a shock to me because I had never had my hair that short and immediately (hours later) ran to get some microbraids. –Not saying you should hide your new BC or short and natural style, it just wasn’t for me at the time. If I did it now, I would be proud to show my TWA   And this is my story of transitioning.


BC August 2003

BC August 2003

My Hair 2009

My Hair 2009


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  • Watchfuleye2008

    Lexi – I think we share the same texture 3b/c…I have short hair now and have a hard time keeping natural styles in my hair…when my hair is wet it will not hold a two strand, flat twists or bantu knots..if I try to achieve styles when dry, if manipulated to much I get frizz..My hair is fine, straight at the root and super spirally curled…what kinds of styles were you able to maintain when your hair was shorter?….Because my curls wrap around and intertwined each other, I sence a very very long journey of hair growth, which is not an issue for me, Id just like to rock a style and not constantly have them unravel!…Look forward to the advice! Peace*…

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Hi WatchfulEye2008, When my hair was shorter I actually never tried any of these hairstyles I do now. I just did wash and go’s and added accessories. Have you tried using different styling products that may help your twists stay like Jane Carter’s Twist and Lock since your hair is very fine? Maybe a certain product could be your answer to make your twists stay. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. When I first went natural, I was super lazy and did wash and go’s and straightened it all the time until I learned all of these styles.

  • I don’t mean to change the subject but I really like your emails… Very helpful

  • And your video clips on you tube