Back in the day: Afro Sheen

Okay so I wasn’t even alive with all the Afro Sheen commercials were around, nor do I even know what a “blowout kit” is. I just thought I would share this commercial. I was watching a Soul Train special on Vh1 the other day and saw all of these companies advertise products for afros. I guess at that time it was a fad…and also very political in the 70’s. Nowadays, you don’t see too many afros and if someone does they always get stares. I don’t mind getting stares. I try to do an afro but the longer my hair gets, the harder it is to get it to stay up. My boyfriend joked me the other day saying I could not wear an afro if I wanted to. He said it would be one big part in the middle and hang down. I used to when it was shorter though!!

So what is a blowout kit now? I’m googling, and from the looks of it…it is a texturizer. Is this correct?


curly comments!

  • Takeysha

    Yes it was a texturizer…people wanted really big fros back in the day..the bigger the better..

  • LOL, Classic!

  • watching this makes me want to watch Crooklyn

  • Lol

  • NubianPrize

    Well I was around in those days and had a HUGE afro just like hers. I never used a blowout kit because all I had to do was to wash,oil & braid my hair,let it dry, & pick it out. BTW,I wore curly perms from 1981-2009,started getting breakage,did then BC in Feb 2009 & am presently growing out another afro! One of my co workers went natural about 2 years before I did & now has a nice big one. LONG LIVE THE ‘FRO !!!

  • elpee

    I also was around in those days but was stuck with a “Curl Free” perm thanks to my mom not wanting to deal with kinky hair. I just did my big chop last year and now have the afro I always dreamed of. I don’t think my boss can handle a blowout though – LOL.