Back To Blonde + Getting The Purple Out

Back To Blonde + Getting The Purple Out

Okay, I wanted to get rid of the purple. It just wasn’t me. It was cool for temporary, but for long-term nah!! So trying to get the color out was HELL!! Which is expected. It was a Semi-Permanent so since its a bright color I didn’t expect it to be easy and this has nothing to do with the company at all!!


I went through several sites to learn tips on how to get purples/reds out of your hair when it’s a semi permanent. So here are the ways I saw over and over again:

  1. Use a dandruff shampoo like Head & Shoulders mixed with baking soda.  Tried this… didn’t work on my hair
  2. Laundry Detergent- Tried this….sigh…didn’t do anything but dry my hair out alot
  3. Dawn Dish Soap- Didn’t do the job
  4. Crushed up Vitamin C paste…I didn’t try this so I cannot give any opinions on these.

Remember that none of those products claim they have the use of fading or removing hair color so please be careful if you try any of these. I am not making a suggestion to do any of these…just giving you the heads up. I have seen people on Youtube and these have worked before however, on  me , it didn’t do much and made my hair uber dry. Of course, it was nothing that deep conditioner couldn’t fix though.

After, I was left with the last option of bleaching the color out. I used Wella Hair Color Remover Kit from Sally’s. (This is basically just a low volume bleach kit) This wasn’t harsh and said that you could use a toner after or color it after this process. I used this and the purple/fuschia basically started coming off immediately and I was left back with my blonde hair and I also did the roots.

From there, I used something else that I thought would make my hair lighter, but it in fact darkened my hair. (Please remember I am NOT a stylist and don’t claim to be and I am not trained) After that debacle, I used the Creme of Nature Ginger Blonde to do my roots and my front.


These are the results:

FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(3)

Both images I used a flash in different lighting so they look different, but catch me on IG to get some other looks of the color @LexiWithTheCurls