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ATL Preview Of The Lincoln MKC!

ATL Preview Of The Lincoln MKC!

This Monday Lincoln Motor Company had a cool media event in ATL with tons of ATL and NY based bloggers. I am apart of the Ford/Lincoln family and I drive a Ford Edge which I love. Recently when I was getting some work done on my car, I got a chance to drive the Lincoln MKX for a couple of days which was awesome! The sleek outside and interior screamed Luxury. I will admit that years ago, I looked at Lincolns as a brand that my parents would drive (Except for Navigators), but not anymore. Their super stylish cars can work for any age! I actually think it’s perfect for me.

Check out the Lincoln MKC! It is around the same size as my car but with all the luxe added!

Photo Credit: Robin Lori

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I am all about the interior of cars because I care more about that than the exterior lol. Check out more pics of the interior! (Loving the wood detail!!) Their interior is fashion inspired as you may be able to tell.


Loving the Park Assist and back up camera!
Later that evening, I joined in for a dinner with the Lincoln executives and I got more information about whats coming up! I can’t wait to see the new stylish additions to the MKC coming up! They will have packages for every type of person whether you are lowkey or a little flashy.


Bloggers from sites such as ,,, ,, and many more were in attendance.


I had an awesome time chatting with the fab Lincoln team and I look forward to test driving the MKC ( I already am in love with the MKX)

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