ATL-Join Bravo’s The New Atlanta’s Africa Miranda For “Girls With Curls”

You may recognize this beauty and her curls from multiple commercials and print ads for several curly hair brands including ORS Curls Unleashed! You may also recognize her from BRAVO’s new hit show ‘The New Atlanta’.

Join Africa Miranda on Wednesday for her first installment of “Girls with Curls” which will be traveling on the road!!

Make sure you RSVP if you can make it!!


curly comments!

  • Truth

    Africa Mirandas hair is not real….she wears a wig/fall made from bohyme brazilian hair. She puts it on and puts a tiny part of the front out to blend. It was on her hair blog from 2009 and it’s also very obvious from her instagram photos…her natural hair when straight is thin and barely passing shoulder length and a mousey brown color, definitely not as luxurious or long as her is when it’s the long curly wig…a picture she posted the next day…. One thing everyone knows, when hair is straightened its longer….not shorter than ones curls

  • cb