Artist/Model Shanda Draws The New Me

Artist/Model Shanda Draws The New Me

My friend Shanda ( who is an amazing artist and beautiful model drew this great picture of me!!! She did it all with colored pencils!!! I absolutely love it!

She took inspiration from the many things she knows about me and from seeing me over the years and she came up with this photo 🙂  I am now obsessed with crop tops showing off just a little bit of skin. LOVE maxi skirts and dresses + I stay with sunglasses and my camera around my neck!! This is my typical weekend look and she totally nailed it!LexiFinalIllustration


 Here is where it started from just a pencil.


Here is when she added color



I want to thank Shanda so much. I didn’t even know she was drawing this. it was a such a surprise 🙂  I love it!! Please check out her artwork!

Oh and look at how beautiful she is!! She is a model and also happens to have beautiful natural hair!