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Arjuni HALO Event Recap Atlanta- Hair, Hair, & More Hair

I had a chance to check out the Arjuni HALO event in Atlanta this weekend. I have been following Arjuni for years now and always stalked their videos because their hair is GORGEOUS!!!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Arjuni, they sell high end virgin Cambodian hair. The textures are similar to the system alot of us use- A, B, C, and D. Virgin hair means that the hair is not processed at all. Janice is the owner and she is based in Cambodia and has a staff there. Their hair is very, very pretty.

Since they are based in Cambodia, they decided to come back to the states to visit to host a pop up store. They are going to several cities. You basically write down the type of hair you were in interested in and they present you the hair for you to feel, tug, etc…

Popular weave Youtubers were there for short seminars.

MissBossyLive was there to share tips on weave maintenance and anything else you would want to know.

Can you see how gorgeous this hair is??!!! It was soooo beautiful. You can’t really see the pattern too well in the picture because it blends in with the background. But in person, this hair has a beautiful curly/wavy pattern. She does twists in her hair to make her leave out match the extensions.

Here is some lovely hair to gawk at:

I believe that was C texture looking gorgeous.

Here is the B texture that I checked out:

Really pretty hair! The setup was so cute and I loved how it was so personal and was like a consultation. They answered any questions you had and you could see many different textures and run your fingers through them to see what you like.

Tons and tons of ladies purchased and were so excited!

I didn’t purchase any hair, but it is definitely very pretty (and waaayyy better than this birds nest I have in my hair in the back now!! ha ha)

Have you heard of Arjuni? What do you think about their hair?

*Interview coming soon with the owner