Any Readers In Barcelona, Paris, & Milan?

Yay! I am going on vacation in May. I will be in Barcelona, Paris and Milan from May 9-17! I am very excited about this trip because I have never been to either 3 countries. I’ve only been to Europe once and it was just around the UK. This trip will be an exciting experience for me. I need to learn the basics of 3 languages. (I know Spanish pretty decent but found out they speak Catalan in Barcelona).

I am gearing up my iPhone apps for language tutorials because I want to at least try to speak the language.

I was wondering if I have any readers who live in either 3 areas who can let me know great places to go and what to see (besides the normal tourist places)? Places to stay for a great price? Etc….

Basically right now, I just have my plane ticket and unsure of where to stay and what to do. I’m just excited to be going so I wanted some tips from some people that live there or have visited.

Thanks 🙂