Anthony Dickey from Hair Rules speaks at Urban Bella

I had the opportunity to attend a hair event at Urban Bella Salon in Atlanta. Anthony Dickey had a seminar and he talked any and everything about hair. I really, really liked him. He is a tell it like it is person. If you ask a question, he gives you the straight forward answer.

He worked on several models. This was his main model who had the most beautiful curls. Her hair fell so nicely and looked so good. He actually showed us the whole process of using his products. She was getting her hair straightened with his new products Blow Out Your Kinks, Blow Out Your Curls, & Blow Out Your Waves. He used Blow Out Your Waves on this model. He literally dried and straightened her hair in no time. Her hair looked amazing.  ( You can see more in the video). He even trimmed her hair.

He also worked on a couple more models- one with looser texture and one with a tighter texture.

What did I learn?

  • Its okay to rinse (and condition) your hair everyday. I have always  been told (even though I didn’t follow) that black girls aren’t supposed to wash their hair more than once a week. I wash my hair (condition wash) 2-3 times a week…and in the summer, sometimes more.  It’s okay to do so. It doesn’t strip all the oils like we were always told.
  • Get your hair trimmed when its straight. I always believe in this UNLESS I am getting a cut for my hair in its curly state. Just like I have always thought, how can someone trim your hair properly while its curly. They can barely see the ends of your hair which means they will most likely cut waaayy more than they should.
  • You hair should be trimmed every 3 months. Once again, something I follow but its good to hear it from a stylist/product owner. He said alot of stylists insist on every 6-8 weeks to get your money. But logically, if you hair only grows 1/4 to 1/2 inch a month …then you are cutting that same growth right off which means you wont retain any length.
  • When using his products, you can never use too much. He used a ton of product with working with the ladies with thicker hair. (That won’t work with every line though)

I had an awesome time. I want to thank Urban Bella for hosting the event and to Anthony Dickey and his Hair Rules team for this awesome seminar.

btw, I have tried the Kinky Curly and got alot of compliments that day. I was running through the house looking for my Hair Rules products and couldn’t find them until it was too late. Sometimes I feel like I have a “Product Monster” in the house who hides my products temporarily and moves them right back.

Anyway…so I wanted to try to the Curly Whip because I liked the consistency of it and he used it in a lady who had similar texture to me and it looked good. I will have to try that next. Great event though! If you live in Atlanta, please check out Urban Bella. They have awesome events.