Another Winner! Sofn’Free’s New Sulfate Free Shampoo/Condish

Y’all know I get excited when I find another shampoo that I like that DOESNT strip my hair. They are far and few between. I am happy to add another awesome shampoo to my collection.

Sofn’Free GroHealthy has a new 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. It contains Omega 3, milk protein, and olive oil. It is sulfate free for ladies like myself who have determined that sulfates aren’t best for their hair.

This shampoo didn’t just cleanse my hair, but it is very moisturizing. I tend to really like shampoo/conditioner mixes because it kills two birds with one stone. Smells amazing too.

Some information I received, that I definitely wanted to share. I was always confused about Sulfate Free Shampoos that have suds. I didn’t really understand what exactly makes the suds, etc. Here is the scientific info from Sofn’Free:

“Consumers have become increasingly wary of sulfates  in shampoos, the foamin ingredient that can strip hair of natural oils, causing damage and dryness. Yet some women still want suds in the cleansing process. The new Sofn’free Gro Healthy Sulfate-free Moisturizing Shampoo satisfies both sets. It contains gentle surfactants, not sulfates, that loosen and suspend oils and debris in lather”

It is in stores now and is only $4.99 (12 fl. oz)