Another Thrifting Adventure

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know I am obsessed with Thrifting. I’ve been looking at YouTube Videos, Awesome vintage blogs like SammyDavisVintage . I love going to the blogs that show their great items and who share their tips for thrifting.

(I like searching thrift stores for vintage items–and not things like regular cotton shirts- I can get those at Old Navy for $4)

So 2 weeks ago, there was a blog conference and me and several bloggers/vloggers decided to head to Last Chance Thrift Store in Chamblee. While everyone else got great deals for their money, I on the other hand spend $18 on just two items. That is sooo unlike me. So I got a white blouse which was sinched at the waist and looked brand new. $6.99….(Way too much)  And then I got this cool wintery sweater dress with festive jewels, sequins and beading on the top. Everyone was in aggreance that I should buy this dress. It was $9.99– Thats no bueno for a dress in a thrift store 🙁 I realize the belt below doesn’t  go with the dress- the only belt I could find at the time.

This dress below, I fell IN LOVE with. My friend Amber and I were going back and forth to see who could buy it. I tried it on and loved it. I was immediately attracted to the vibrant colors of red and purple- You can’t even see the detail in the shirt.


I found an awesome red pencil skirt for $1.45. I am always looking for pencil skirts that have a great length for me since I am tall (5’9 1/2″)

I saw this miniskirt below and I had to have it. I absolutely love the vibrant tribal print. This is way too mini for me and it actually is too small for me. It is a size 12, but not a modern size 12. This was $1.96

I wasn’t even going to look in the capri section and found this cool pair of high waited brown pants. I love the bow belt and the way the ends are fitted around my legs. These were $2.98

Lastly,  I was immediately drawn to this sequins shirt. I spotted it from a mile away…but then got home and just realized it was NOT me at all. I love the shirt and its great quality and I LOVE sequins. This shirt was originally $19.99 at the thrift store and I got it for $9.99. This shirt at a Vintage Store or on Ebay will easily cost over $30. So it is still a good buy, but it’s just not me at all.

I just wanted to share my recent awesome thrift finds!

*The Sweater dress is from Last Chance in Chamblee, Georgia

*The red skirt, multicolored skirt, red and purple dress and brown capris- America’s Thrift in Marietta (Thanks to JayLovesVintage for telling her readers about it.

*The Sequins shirt is from the random thrift store beside the store above in Marietta.