Angela Simmons shows off her natural hair post weave

Angela Simmons tweeted tonight about her taking out her weave. Check out her massive fro below! It’s so pretty!

Last month, she tweeted this pic of her natural hair blown out:

Here was Angela with some hair sewn in last week at The Common Good Cocktail Party! Wow, she had alot of hair braided up

It is okay to have long hair and still get a weave and I love that she is the perfect example + Her natural hair looks so full and healthy. Awesome hair!!


curly comments!

  • Beautiful!

  • Angela has very lovely hair!

  • Wow! Now that is nice!

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  • Ms.Lady

    Her hair is really nice. I recently got a weave for the first time. I have to admit I was scared to get a sew-in because I wouldnt be considered natural. I wore weaves for about 6 month, and my hair grew down my back. Weaves are considered a protective hair style… you can play around with different styles and textures. Kudos Angela!

  • She is starting to look just like her sister in that bottom picture.

  • Aisha

    I’m glad she showed this. It goes to show all those natural bitter girls that just because a woman wears weave doesn’t mean you have no hair or that your hair is unhealthy.

  • Jay

    I’m confused? A LOT of natural women wear weave and as long as I been natural women with perms do more judging then yall think natural women do about you Everyones entitled to a opinion but that’s the average defensive response

  • Babii

    Wow! Go Ang!!

  • Mecia

    As someone who’s tossed aside relaxers and their ilk, flat-irons, hot combs, blow-dryers, and misconceptions about having to be able to pull a brush easily through my hair or being able to flip it over my shoulder only to have it fall silkily down your shoulders, I love me some natural hair. I’m a bit miffed, though, that a girl who does all that to make her hair straight still pulled off an awesome ‘fro.

    Bottom-line: looks great.

  • Nix

    Um, if she has all that hair and presses it straight, why wear a weave? It’s not a different look because the lengths aren’t all that different. I guess as a people, we still don’t like the look of our own hair texture–natural or permed–and want the Caucasian texture. Case in point: every makeover show on TV. They always rip out a sister’s braids and/or perm her ‘fro.

    To each her own, though 🙂

  • I read a book, Brass Knuckle Finance, and the author Jarim Person-Lynn (a young black man) explains that the problem with weaves is that young women who do not have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of are spending exorbitant amounts of money on weaves (they are VERY expensive) and if channeled properly that money can be invested for their children’s schooling, a house and for old age. When I wore braids with synthetic air my hair would grow. It being protective is not the issue. The issue is a society which was going so far toward the weave and the perm while our own futures (and in many cases our present lifestyles) are not secure.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I don’t think money is the issue of this post. I just love the fact that Angela has healthy hair underneath. I am not agaisnt weaves at all- hence the one in my hair right now. As long as you have healthy hair underneath, I am cool with it!! It only bothers me when someone is trying to cover up damaged hair…which gets you nowhere by putting weave on top. I love Angela’s hair- weave or not…her natural hair length to me has nothing to do with her choices. And THATS the misconception..”You only wear weave if you have short, damaged hair”…but that statement is not true…. Angela can have long hair and still wear a weave

  • ash

    There is a misconception among black women were SOME believe just because you have bra strap length natural hair or longer that you shouldn’t wear weaves. Why would I wear my hair out in the elements all the time esp. if I dont wear it in natural styles? I would NEVER press my hair or curl it everyday so I weave it up, all 19″ of it. Kudo’s for angela taking care of her hair, I know the natural long hair hassle.

  • connie

    I am a hairstylist and salon owner. So/en get weaves for different reasons. Some women have long hair and get a short bob weave because they don’t want to cut it. Some women may want color and don’t want to color their hair. Some people get weaves for vacations. My hair is natural but very thin. I get a weave for the fullness and to promote the hair that I sell. Some women hair is damaged from medication. People have to do what makes them happy

  • connie

    I also sew weaves in white and asian women hair. All women wear weave now not just black

  • Bre

    Money? Seriously? I highly doubt this girl’s weave is breaking her pockets. And just cause you have long hair does not mean you want to manage it ALL THE TIME. I have very thick, ARM pit length natural hair and taking 2 hrs out my day to straighten it only to walk outside and it swell up is NOT what’s up. Weave allows you to maintain your style and protect your hair, why not wear one? Go Angie! Some of you females find anything to complain about, smh

  • Connie

    Bee u are so right. 80% of my clients have long hair and work out. It saves them time by having a weave.

  • bonnie

    people don’t wear weaves to look white. weaves are a prtotective style that help the hair hide from the daily wear and tear of life. money is also not the issue. maybe you spend ridiculous amounts of money on weave but most people dont. my friends do their own sewins and when they take them out their hair is longer than mine. people need to stop being so ignorant and thinking people want to be white or people spent tons on money on their weaves, that is not always the case.

  • Sharon

    I’m natural and love my hair, it really is gorgeous. What I don’t like about my hair is
    1. It sheds like crazy! (tired of buying drano)
    2. The maintenance, my natural hair is more maintenance that when it was permed.

    Thus the reason I wear a full weave. It gives me the versatility I want (curly or straight) while being low maintenance. I work full time, grad school and work out often, I dont have time to spend a lot of time doing hair in the mornings. It’s a win/win situation. I usually wear my natural curls during the summer and the remainder of the year it is sewed up.

    Natural hair isn’t for everyone. Weave isn’t for everyone. You have to do what’s best for you.

  • Wow… great post and glad she shared this! I recently began wearing a weave as well to give my natural hair a break and for easy versatile hair do’s. My hair has grown out super long and it is super healthy! This fall I plan to continue my weave, but wear a short weave thats a bob with bangs! Congrats to all!

  • I will have to try this I was getting tire of my natural hair, I haven’t wore a sew-in in years, this may be what will helps me “Stay Strong and Natural.”

  • Let_it_reyne

    Her natural hair looks better than the weave.

  • Ty

    That’s great! Weave does protect the hair and can be worn nicely…

  • K-Wu

    I never had a perm but i always pressed and/or flat ironed my hair b/c i just thought it was easier to manage. Once i started doing sports my hair became less easier to keep up because i sweat in my hair so much. I stopped taking care of it because i didn’t want to wash my hair, then blow dry it, then flat iron it. That took up to 3/4hours. Now that i am in college i said the hell with all that so now I AM HEAT FREE!!! I don’t bother straightening or blow drying my hair!!! And i love it, and it’s actually sooooo much easier to keep up now. Wash, towel dry, moisturize, braid (when i sleep), untwist in the mourn-style and go!!! I am in love with my hair now-really don’t have a desire to ever straighten it ever again honestly. I jus feel to pretty, free and confident to damage my hair with heat again.

  • ZZ

    I’m sorry…but this is a waste of a good Afro. Nix, ITA. If she can straighten her natural hair, why wear a weave? We just don’t respect/like the God-given texture we have. So sad.

  • Its_me_k

    Angela’s hair is beautiful!!! I’m so glad she decided to share her pics with us. Now women can see that weaves shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, but a tool we can use for growth and of course we can’t forget STYLE!!! Our hair needs a vacation once in awhile like we do, so don’t be afraid to experiment with long, short, or different color hair. That’s the excitement and fun you’ll have without stressing your own hair. Love the AFRO Angela!!!!

  • Tiphany

    Luv the hair girl

  • Tinu

    I wonder what types of products she puts in her hair so that it grows so much.

  • MiSi

    Weaves are by far the best protective style you can have. (If you treasure your natural hair under them). I’ve gone back to a weave shop to get redone and had them tell me, “Oh, I know we have never done all that hair before!” LOL I was like y’all are the reason I have all this hair! Most people do not take care of their natural hair while weaves are in, they leave them in too long doing re-tightenings which causes severe tangles. A month and a half, 2 months tops on weaves and your hair can definitely look like hers!

  • Look at my beautiful cousin. I love her and her hair lol

  • i think blacks are wayyyy to concered with hair. so what if she has long hair but still wears a weave BOTH are nice? what people fail to recongnize that the weave and lacefront wigs were created by white people for actresses in the 50’s this is not soely a black thing. And non blacks did not just started wearing weaves people. here in NY I used to and still see tons of russian woman shop for plantum blond wigs because they fried their hair with dye

  • Sunnygirl


    I agree. I have natural hair too but know that if you use the weave as a tool to grow hair you can get results.
    This means,
    1. Getting a weave stylist that does not sew the weave too tight or braid too tight. and taking care of your natural hair under the weave and not leaving it in forever (past 2 months)
    so that when the weave comes out you don’t get hair loss along with it just fab new natural long thick hair that is thick and healthy..

    I love the idea of just what angela because my hair does not do well with perms. I love the straight look and could not only wear natural styles forever but like my natural hair

    Angela has access to the best stylists that take care of her natural hair as well I am sure .

  • Candace

    Most of the women that wear weave have naturally long hair. Wearing weave has nothing to do with wanting to look “white” or anything of that nature. Myself and most of my friends have very thick, healthy, long hair. For the majority of us we don’t know how to style it and wearing it back in a ponytail everyday gets old eventually and flat ironing, etc every day isn’t healthy so it’s just easier to wear weave. I always get asked why do I wear weave when people see my real hair and my answer is always the same it’s easier to maintain and I don’t have to worry about damaging my hair in the process

  • vlong

    So What

  • Glowood

    I would rock tha’ hell out of her Big Hair!!!! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  • dolce

    The past 2 years ive worn only singles,partly to do w/ the fact that i chopped my hair and grew it out natural and my hair is really unruly and unmanagable,but i took my braids last week to find my hair touching the middle of my back….so obviously black hair thrives when its just left alone and in braids whether there under a weave or not,

  • Greatness

    I also have very long thick hair, but it is healthy and long because I regularly wear extensions. The amount of heat and styling that is necessary to maintain a great look under stage lighting and various weather conditions would damage my hair. So, I keep it braided. It is one of the greatest inventions. I understand Angela perfectly. 🙂

  • Her hair looks good, she should rock it natural more.

  • LOLA

    WOW – beautiful. What are some of these complaints about ? Everyone has to do what is right for them. Some women cannot wear their hair to work natural, example corporate world. What do you want them to do ? Leave their job because of hair philosophy ? ridiculous, then again they may want their hair permed etc. Women wear weaves for all reasons style, medications, severe hair deficiency, choices, choices lighten up , Dear GOD.
    My issue is the freakin weaves that are not maintained and hanging by a thread LOL WTF, buy a wig if you can’t maintain the weave and some of the weaves you get what you pay for OR don’t pay for home styles. I’m just saying.and don’t say that is what is right for them to be walkin’ around like that. PLEEEEEEZE.

  • allison

    I have armpit length twist and I recently found a stylist who is going to put a weave in my hair. I am getting this weave because I have had the same hairstyle for 4 years. I want a cute, chin-length bob without cutting my own hair. I love my hair, but I definitely need a change.

  • imani

    imo so many blk women r obsessed w/long hair so much that when they c a blk woman with even remotely long hair putting a weave in it, they seem offended. Its like they resent that they cant or havent achieved long hair and IF they had it, theyd be flaunting it left n right. OR imply that the weave wearer is ashamed of their hair. Exposing ur hair to the daily elements does weaken it. Its smart to be versatile with protective styles. Its smart hair maintenance for blk women.Our hair in its natural state is more fragile than causian hair.its a fact of life & we must act accordingly. It doesnt mean angela doesnt like her natural texture but she shouldnt apologize 4 wanting to protect her hair and achieve versatile styles. Let it rest! She doesnt want 2 be causian…many of us DONT.

  • I got my first real weave in June for my birthday as something dramatic. I had it in for two months. My hair grew a good 4 inches, (will never have a weave in that long again) that being said, I went back to braids for a couple of months then back to a weave. I actually love the weave. I have long hair (My hair goes to my bra strap). My daughter loves weaves as well. They grow our hair w/o having to process, pull and tug on your own daily. I dont even think I will go back to micros unless I am going on a vacation with a lot of water. It isnt about trying to look european. It is about keeping healthy hair and convenience. A lot of the women I know with weaves actually have long hair.

  • Tbird

    Ok this is totally funny, that is like the make up person telling you to put foundation on your face everyday to block it from the elements! People before weaves and perms, we as a people did just fine. Everyone wants instant gratification. Oh I will just slap a weave in it. Whether God blessed you with, long, short, kinky, silky. Anyone can wear there hair natural. Very few people get a weave that matches the texture of thier hair! They get a silky flowing one. White woman have been wearing pieces and weaves forever, to enhance, or add fullness, but you rarley know. I know we as black woman hate to admit it, but most of the time we fall into what European’s consider beautiful. Whatever makes you feel better, or helps you keep the hair weave industry making billions of dollars a year do you. Weave is not going to protect your hair. You have to I do my hair once every two weeks. With wrapping and deep conditioning your hair can be happy again. Totally funny my friends get weaves and when the take them out, all that grew ends up being combed out, or clipped because of dead hair! Any real stylist or hair care professional will tell you that you should not keep it in for mor than a month, and let your hair/ scalp breath for 2 1/2 weeks. Be blessed and let your soul glow!

  • I am the same wya as Angela. I have pretty thick natural hair and I would wear braids to make it grow. But I rather wear my real hair. I am against the perm because the perm isn’ t good for Black hair and I don’t believe in putting such harsh chemicals in your hair to make it look like the ”good hair” crap that we are brainwashed to believe in. I think natural hair is beautiful and I wish Black women, like me start wearing their natural hair and let it grow out and abandon the relaxer and weaves because it doesn’t look good. And then ya’ll wonder why ya’ll hair doesn’t grow long. Just take care of it and don’t go near the relaxer, color your hair or wear weave! I want to start braiding my real hair and leave it alone so that it can grow. We as Black women should love our hair texture as much as I do.