Amerie goes blonde

“I’ve always wanted to go platinum blonde, and I figured I’d finally just do it,” she says “One of the things that inspired me are photos I’ve seen of children in the Solomon Islands. They are very brown-skinned, and a lot of them grow white-blonde hair naturally. The contrast in dark skin tone and extremely light hair is really beautiful to me. So I just went for it!” – Amerie

Its a little light..but I dont think it looks horrible on her. I think it would have been cute a tad more golden or darker.  It looks pretty healthy for her hair to have been lifted that light (unless there are some tracks in there) Yall know I LOVE color. It adds personality to hair. Everyone has their ways to add personality to their hair whether its accessories, a certain cut, or color. I choose to use color to do that so I don’t get bored with my hair. I personally don’t want to walk around looking like every other person–hence I get tired of alot of the celebs and entertainers all rocking waist length hair. It gets boring if everyone else is walking around with the same do.   Alot of people have been commenting on the number of African American celebs going blonde. I don’t see what the big deal is in them doing what they want to their hair. I hear people say ” blonde doesnt compliment black people”….NEWS FLASH- black people come in all skin tones so how can someone say that. There are several shades of blonde and there are different colors that go with the million different shades of black people. Not to mention black people that are born with blonde hair. Does it not compliment them too?

So, what do you all think about Amerie with blonde hair? And what do you think about black women going blonde?