AMBI Skincare Review

I got a chance to check out AMBI® Skincare products Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser, Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer, and AMBI®’s Fade Cream. I was excited to try them because I have heard great things and America’s Next Top Model contestant Bre is one of their models and she has gorgeous skin!

First up, the Even & Clear Foaming Cleanser. I really liked this cleanser. I like foam cleansers at times because it isn’t sticky or anything and feels great on my skin. This face cleanser made my skin feel very clean and after my face dried, my face felt smooth.

Next up, I have to use moisturizer. The Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer was perfect for my trip to Barcelona. Because it was very sunny, I needed a moisturizer with SPF in it to protect my skin from the sun. The moisturizer made my skin feel nice and smooth alllllll day long!!!

Next I tried the Fade Cream. I need this cream in certain areas. I try not to mess with my blemishes, but when I do, I sometimes have dark spots after (ugh why do I mess with my skin?). I always wondered how to get those spots gone. But then I often wondered, will it lighten all my skin? With AMBI, it says it only darkens spots created, not your skin tone. This was great to hear. They also suggest you discontinue use after your spots are gone. I have noticed some of my dark spots have lightened a tad. I will continue using until they are gone.

The experts in skin of color, brings you a skin care regimen to help you achieve flawless skin. Use AMBI®’s Even and Clear Foaming Cleanser to help clear breakouts and reduce dark marks. Follow with Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer, so skin will look even and smooth. And AMBI®’s #1rated Fade Cream, diminishes dark spots and discoloration, for a beautiful and natural skin tone.

Compensation was provided by AMBI® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of AMBI®.


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  • Anne

    That’s great. I always wanted to try this line because for some reason I have begin breaking out with dark marks at 31 years of age and had beautiful skin all while I was a teenager.

  • DiJah

    With AMBI, it says it only darkens spots created, not your skin tone. <–I think you meant LIGHTENS spots, not darken.

    I tried their fade cream twice and had to throw it away, it is too greasy for me and the scent is a huge turn off. I've decided to live with my spots lol

  • I’ve been using ambi products since high school. And I’m now 36, So you know I have to love Ambi. I don’t wear makeup, and I love when women stop me on the street to ask me what type of foundation I use?. When I tell them none, they look at me in disbelief, so then I have to rub my hands against my face to prove that I’m not lying. But overall Ambi products are great for colored women.