Allstate Gives It Up For Good – Doing Good In Your Community- Room Service Atlanta

Allstate Gives It Up For Good – Doing Good In Your Community- Room Service Atlanta

As everyone knows, I live in Atlanta which is pretty much the capital of the South. Not to mention, Atlanta is  the home of Martin Luther King, Jr. Since this is his home, community service and doing good for the community is a big deal in Atlanta..especially to the African American community. Allstate has an amazing program Give It Up For Good. In addition to reframing the way Allstate talks about their products, Allstate will be the supporter of ‘Good’ across the nation, and curator of ‘good’ content from around the web. They will offer volunteer match options for consumers who are inspired to do good.  There is so much focus on bad on the news, so with them , they want to focus on the good! Good comes in so many different forms.


When it comes to charity, there are so many opportunities. From feeding the homeless, to walking in a charity walk, to rebuilding a home, you can do good in your community. I have volunteered for a couple of different charities. When I get free time from time to time, I try to look for different opportunities to give back. I know this Thanksgiving or Christmas, I plan to feed the homeless. I’ve always wanted to do that and I am usually out of town with family so I never get a chance to.

In Atlanta there are so many different ways to Give It Up For Good!

I have worked with Room Service Atlanta and they are an awesome charity that creates inspiring interiors at homeless shelters. Alot of  homeless shelters or transitioning homes look very bad because they don’t have the money or the volunteers to fix them up. Creating a great environment could help them get back on their feet faster so the founders Erika and Dayka came together and invited other interior designers and volunteers to come out and help.

We went into a transitional home for homeless families and we hooked up the space! As you can see from the before and afters, they have limited space and a ton of stuff. Alot of these families have to come in with all of their belongings because they have no place to put them. When you have people transitioning, you need to create a great environment to help keep things organized and for them to feel comfortable.

I was able to contribute to one bedroom and a bathroom. Check out the before and after:

We actually put down a cool hardwood looking floor too. It’s so funny because I don’t even do work around my own house but it felt good to do it for people in need. Check out the bathroom: (I helped paint the walls)

bathroom Photo Credit: Jan Stittleburg

I had a blast working with Room Service and it felt so good fixing up the rooms because they definitely needed some fixing up.

Find a charity in your area that you like and find out ways to volunteer!

Let’s give it up for charity. Let’s give it up for good.


AllState_Logo Allstate believes that there is Good happening all around us, every single day, right in our communities. We believe that this Good is more powerful than Bad – it has the power to change the conversation, change communities, and ultimately, change lives, and we want to give it the recognition it deserves. We are committed to unearthing the stories about Good – stories of hope, strength and perseverance, stories of positivity and optimism, stories of kindness and generosity – stories that will inspire even more good.

Check out stories, pics, tweets and videos of the good happening in our communities at share the good you see using @giveitupforgood and #giveitupforgood on Twitter and Instagram. Let’s do more Good, together.

“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Allstate via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Allstate.”