Alicia Keys at a March 3rd concert

Alicia Keys performs at opening night of the U.S. leg of her "Freedom" tour at Allstate Arena on March 3, 2010 in Rosemont, Illinois.*WireImage

Alicia Keys has a gorgeous head of her curls at one of her latest concerts on March 3rd. When she goes straight it is cute too, but nothing beats her curls. As an entertainer, when you are on stage performing and sweating it is best to go with your natural texture or a weave. I remember , I think it was the MTV Music Video Awards 2007, she had manufactured curls lol– They were made by a curling iron. It was gorgeous and had perfect cascading curls and literally 30 minutes into the show, it was getting bigger and bigger and she was just sitting in the audience at that point. I like big and frizzy though. I just like her natural texture.  Below is how she had to maneuver her look before her performance. Still Gorgeous! It is just so much easier just rocking your natural texture.