Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE show in the UK May 29-30th

OMG. I am soooo going next year. I was browsing OneNigerianBoy and saw a post on a designer who is having a pop up store during this hair show so I decided to look it up.  I wish it wasn’t so soon then I would try to go this year- unless I can get a randomly insanely cheap price to LHR in time lol.

Apparently the Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE show in the UK is the largest show for natural hair in Europe. That is amazing. I have been to London before and would love to go to experience an awesome show like this.

“There are over one hundred exhibitors taking part in Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE, ranging from specialist hair and beauty products to hair manufactures and distributors to award winning hair stylists\technicians and beauty professionals. This is your chance to learn from the professionals and get their secrets.

In addition to Hair and Beauty exhibitors there is a diverse range of companies including fashion corporate and public sector organizations. For culture vultures there is a wide range of books on display along with arts and crafts from the African Diaspora. Many exhibitors offer amazing show deals.”

There will be several hair vendors, clothing/accessory vendors, competitions, seminars, stageshows, etc…

Europeans should definitely check this show out….and I hope to be there next year.