5 Days Of Hairstyles With Motions

5 Days Of Hairstyles With Motions

As most of you know, I have been a huge Motions fan since I can remember picking out my own products in probably early middle school. Fast forward to almost 20 years later…still a fan. The new Motions line for natural textures is great for me because it does the job and is affordable.

I decided to do a 5 day challenge and see how these new Motions products would work for my hair. If you want to try these styles too, you can find Motions® products at Wal-Mart, Sally Beauty Supply and local Atlanta beauty and barber supply shops as well as food, drug, and mass-market retailers nationwide.

So Sundays are my typical wash days. I washed with the Motions Moisturizing Cleanser and Smoothing Conditioner and used my current favorite deep conditioner,  the Motions Deep Conditioning Masque. I sat under the steamer for about 10 minutes and then I rinsed it out.

I then did two strand twists with a mixture of the Define My Curls Crème and the Hydrate My Curls Pudding (I like to mix my products). I personally like to mix those two together to give me a great combo of hold and moisture.



I rocked a big twist out and pulled it apart to make it big! I added a little bit of Hydrate My Curls Pudding and scrunched it in like this:

DAY 2 

On Day 2, I decided I wanted to pin up the sides. I took bobby pins and used a little Hydrate My Curls Pudding to smooth the sides and pinned it towards the top of my head. I then did a mini pompadour in the front using a little Pudding.



I love updos. Today I decided to take my ponytail hook and do a faux hawk and have my hair come to the front. I smoothed up the back with a little Pudding to make it nice and shiny.




Pony-tailin’ it on day 4! I just like ponytails. It’s so easy and it only takes a rubber band. I always do these on the last days of my twist out.. I put a little Pudding on my edges and smoothed it through with my fingers and used an elastic band to secure my hair.



A full on updo for Day 5. This is the last day before I prepared to wash my hair again. After 4 days of a twist out, I put it all up.  I scrunched in some Pudding and used bobby pins to secure my hair in a vintage hair style.

I love when one twist out can last me 5 days!! I am a lazy hairstyler (which is odd since I am a hair blogger). The less styling I have to do, the better lol.  Each style here took me under 5 minutes.

What kind of styles do you do throughout the week?

Motions® has products for all your hair needs, whether relaxed, natural or anything in between. For over 20 years Motions® has been a trusted source in multi-textured hair care, with products that cater to individual needs. This year, Motions launched a new collection of products for natural hair textures to meet the increasing demand of women wearing their hair natural. Motions now offers products that benefit all the unique needs of women with multi-textured hair.

Disclosure: This post was created in sponsorship with Motions.. All of the views and comments are of my own.