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3 Strand Twist Out Remixed Into New Hairstyle

So I had a 3 stand twist out for well over a week and I was in my super lazy mode so I decided to turn it into another style to get me through yet another week ( I was swamped last weekend and didn’t feel like doing hair).

I took my dry hair and put a moisturizer on and started rolling the back up reminiscent of the style Tress Talks did for me during the Beautiful Textures event seen here:

So, mine didn’t look as good as hers (which was from a couple day old wash & go) but I tried lol. I got compliments so I guess it was semi-decent! I used about 10 bobby pins to secure the hair. I separated the hair with the lightening portion and the back. I then rolled the back in two sections so I wouldn’t have to try to hold all of the hair and secure it at once.  I used bobby pins to secure the hair. Once it was done, I realized it was too “big” so I used additional bobby pins to tighten it up so it could be closer to my head.

For the front, I flipped it back and tried to shape the front.

Next time, I want to do the roll in the back much lower since I did it pretty high on my head. This was the first time trying to recreate it so I will do much better next time.

Kinda Lucille Ball-ish huh?

What is your go to style after your twist out or wash & go is over?