3 Free Zoya Nail polishes until 1/7

Don’t miss out on 3 Free Nail polishes from Zoya. You have until the 7th (tomorrrow). Shipping is NOT included. But paying $6.95 for 3 nail polishes (normally would be $21 total + 6.95) –thats a great deal.

I ordered Helen, Tiffany, and Gloria.

What colors did you order?


curly comments!

  • Destinee

    I definitely took advantage of this sale. Its a steal, all you pay for is shipping and handling. $6.95 for 3 bottles of good quality polish is a steal!

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I am going to order mine today!!!!

  • THANK U LEXI!!! i follow a nail blog and have made a list of polishes that i want based on the posts i have seen on this blog…a zoya one was on my list so i was only too excited when i saw this post! i ordered Savita (the one on my list), Dovima, and Envy. And all for 6.95? Heyell yeah!

  • Clara, Deidra, Mia. Thank you for sharing this with us.